Leisure Assessment – 1.5 Hours


Whether you’re looking to rediscover old passions or explore new pursuits, our leisure assessment is the stepping stone to a more engaged and enriched life.

Invest in your happiness and wellness by scheduling your session with our skilled leisure professionals. Embrace the transformative power of leisure and let us help you craft a personalized leisure plan that aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Elevate your quality of life by embracing the value of leisure activities with our dedicated guidance, and emerge with a renewed sense of passion and vigor for the things that truly matter. Book your one-hour leisure counseling session today and start your journey to a happier, more balanced you.


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Discover the key to a more fulfilling life with our comprehensive 1.5-hour leisure assessment.

Tailored to identify your unique leisure profile, our Therapeutic Recreation Specialist will guide you through a personalized exploration of your interests, motivations, and preferences. This in depth service is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their wellness and find greater satisfaction.

Our assessment is designed to pinpoint the leisure activities that will bring you the most joy and relaxation, helping you to combat stress, boost psychological health, and achieve a harmonious balance.



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